I'm a Game Design student at RMIT University in Melbourne!

From school projects to game jam ventures, if you want to play some of my games, head to my itch page!



I also made a playing card game as part of my very first uni assignment. I'd eventually like to work on it more, but it was very fun to make and playtest, so give it a go!



Back in year 12, I did an inquiry project into how can video games be utilised for learning.

It's a little dated, but is written with the intention of being read by teachers and parents, and is a good overview of the key discussions in the area.

Chapters include:

What can games teach us?

  • Situated learning
  • Social learning and collaboration Flow

Challenges with games and how to deal with them

  • Video game addiction
  • Violence
  • Frustration and failure
  • Cost
  • Experience

Teachers, game designers, and pedagogical change